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Clean energy drives quality of life.

” A city with fresh air to breathe in full lungs Free from pollution and safe from natural disasters. They are what everyone wants. But nowadays, the ideal place is becoming less and less. On the other hand, what we have to face every day is news about air pollution, such as PM2.5, news about the destruction of natural resources.

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Including natural disasters that occur more often and seem to increase in intensity every time ”

Why is this such an intimate matter that everyone has to participate in?

The main reason why the world is not as it seems It comes from using and producing non-renewable energy resources like oil, coal, natural gas and fossil fuels. especially in densely populated cities The demand for energy is even higher. Causing a large amount of energy to be produced rapidly causes greenhouse gasses resulting in global warming and from rising global temperatures There will be a continuous effect, namely natural disasters such as storms, floods, forest fires, so it can be said that supporting renewable energy is an important matter that everyone must participate in. To restore humanity’s environment to be in balance again.

  Save the world by using renewable energy.

Renewable energy or clean energy is energy that does not cause any impact on the environment. Or produce the least toxic pollution in every step From production, processing, to use to waste management. Clean energy can be used to replace traditional energy infinitely. And there are many types together, such as solar energy, hydro energy, wind energy, geothermal energy. biomass fuel energy and other energy sources that are still waiting for further exploration and research.

Such energy has the opportunity to change from reserve to primary energy in the not too distant future. This is because the cost of producing energy from clean energy is significantly lower with the development of technology. bring higher efficiency It has the ability to produce energy in place of traditional energy sources. In addition, society has attitudes and behaviors that tend to save the world. Concerned about environmental problems and expressed more clearly. Including the government There has been support for clean energy over traditional forms of energy. With these factors, the fundamentals of clean energy have changed.

clean energy future

Nowadays, every country has given importance and cooperation in energy. To be able to step into the era of the transition from the use of fossil fuels to the production and use of clean energy in the future. through technological innovation to develop an energy disruption model to be able to respond to energy needs in both industry and people’s needs, such as the use of clean energy production technology. to use as the main energy that drives innovations that are essential to life Pollution will be reduced. The environment has been restored. It will eventually help drive a better quality of life. Clean Energy or Clean Energy is one of the Global Mega Trends themes that tend to grow continuously in the future.


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