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The studio at Tranquil is an excellent place to practice yoga. It offers a variety of group yoga classes, including Vinyasa, Mysore, and Yin. Its yoga classes can be tailored to accommodate specific needs, whether you’re a beginner or a yoga veteran.
Bikram yoga

If you’re looking for a studio where you can practice the ancient art of yoga, you’ve come to the right place. Absolute Bikram yoga is a small but dedicated studio offering Bikram yoga classes in a comfortable, welcoming environment.
Vinyasa yoga

Vinyasa yoga is an exercise method that emphasizes physical movement. The benefits of this style of yoga are numerous and they are perfect for people of all fitness levels. The practice is fun and challenging, and it can help you lose weight and build stronger muscles.
Prenatal yoga

Prenatal yoga is a practice tailored specifically for pregnant women. It emphasizes breathing, pelvic floor work, and core strength, and can help a woman feel more positive and resilient during pregnancy and after delivery. Birth is a big change for a woman, and yoga can help her remain strong and flexible, while also developing a sense of community. A prenatal yoga class offers a way to connect with other women in the class and form supportive bonds with fellow expectant mothers.

Absolute Yoga workshops are a great way to learn more about yoga. Their classes are designed to be accessible for everyone, including those with physical limitations. The classes are designed to help you build flexibility and mobility, as well as improve your health. They also use supportive props and a meditation practice to help you relax and stay calm.

Corporate yoga sessions

Absolute yoga for corporate yoga sessions is a great option for companies that want to provide a wellness program that fits into their employees’ busy schedules. These sessions are offered seven days a week and are tailored to fit the needs of employees of different fitness levels and schedules. The classes are also held outdoors, if the weather permits. Participants should wear comfortable clothing and a water bottle to stay hydrated.
Yoga themed retreats

If you are looking for a premium yoga experience, Absolute Yoga is a great choice. Their retreats and classes are backed by strong testimonials and reviews. They provide customized modifications for each class and their instructors focus on safety and alignment. They also host yoga-related workshops and corporate sessions. In addition to their retreats and classes, Absolute Yoga offers themed retreats.