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Four Benefits of Mediation in Divorce

A lot of people assume that divorces are quite contentious, costly, and challenging. While this is true in contested divorces, the process can run smoothly when you take some steps. One step you can take is to consider divorce mediation. Usually, mediation prevents a divorce from ending up in court, which offers benefits to all parties. In Utah, divorcing couples should attend a minimum of one mediation session. A skilled family law attorney will usually encourage couples to engage in mediation due to its efficiency. You can find out more about the benefits of divorce mediation below:


Litigating a divorce means asking a judge to make an agreement on behalf of both parties. However, this agreement may not be workable for you. This can happen as a judge does not know much about your situation before you appear before them.

But mediation allows you and your spouse to have control over the outcome of your divorce. You can make decisions that are important to each of you and create a workable plan.


Court trials are time-consuming and require making significant preparations. You pay a lawyer to prepare your case and present it in court. But mediation requires only a little preparation, which makes it more affordable for both parties.

Divorce litigation is a complicated process and it may take months for a judge to make a decision regarding your case. Mediation allows you to decide what will take place as move forward after just a few hours. Although the court still needs to approve what’s agreed upon during mediation, the latter is still a faster process.


A divorce can be quite emotional. Your life and the lives of your kids will not be the same. Working through the realization can be hard for anyone. Mediation lets you handle such emotional problems privately. At trial, you need to present your case publicly, which can be emotionally draining. Because of this, a lot of spouses want to avoid trials.


Engaging in mediation can be a pleasant experience for both parties compared to litigation. It allows you to resolve all issues and conflicts. While the divorce process is emotionally charged, the guidance of a mediator makes it easier for both parties to stay calm and reach the best solutions together without delay. Mediation helps you avoid the stress associated with court trials and enjoy peace in this trying time.