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“Laser” innovation for cosmetic surgery

One laser surgery that helps solve the beauty problems of women Laser (LASER) stands for “Light Amplification by the Stimulated Emission of Radiation”, which means the radiation caused by crack stimulation through the laser medium (laser medium), 

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resulting in energy The light came out in the same direction. same wavelength have the same wave phase Resulting in amplification (amplitude) thus making the laser light more intense or brighter than natural light

Laser light vs natural light

natural light There is light emitting which is spontaneous (spon taneous emission) with multiple wavelengths. (Polychromatism) and these lights travel in many directions. (Incoherence) There is a phase or phase, not in coherence, although it can give light and energy as heat. But it has a minimum intensity. There are three special properties of light:

  1. Each type of laser has only one specific wavelength. (Monochromaticity)
  2. The light travels in an orderly manner. Every laser wave has a corresponding phase acting simultaneously so that all particles of light complement each other (Coherency).
  3. Light travels in the same direction and is parallel. (collimation)

With the special properties of the laser light mentioned above therefore applied in order to cause changes to the tissues of the body Whether it’s stimulating to build collagen structure or the use of high concentrations for the purpose To cut or destroy unwanted tissue, such as using a laser to cut tumors, warts, moles, etc.

type of laser

Classification of lasers and laser nomenclature is divided accordingly. Production technology or purpose of use as follows

  1. Divided by a laser light source medium which is an energy storage And emit laser light which can be solid, liquid or gas such as carbon dioxide called CO2 Laser, helium-neon gas (HeNe) called helium-neon laser, argon gas (Ar) called Argon beam laser, etc. Solid such as ruby crystals (Ruby) called Ruby Laser, shack crystal, called Nd: Yag laser, etc. Liquid, such as dye (Dye), called Pulse dye laser, etc.
  2. Classified by laser power level for the purpose of applied to tissues Or biological changes of tissues, including High Power Laser group, is a high energy level to destroy proteins to decompose and burn. such as lasers used in surgery and greatofmining hemostasis

The Moderate Power Laser group is the energy level that stimulates the tissue. has changed to such an extent that wanting to destroy the target When the laser is stopped Will not destroy the adjacent tissues such as the use of lasers to reduce pigment abnormalities, etc. Low Level Laser is the use of lasers. in a certain frequency band so that the energy is not too high with the hope of stimulating Strengthening rather than destroying, such as the use of Low Level Laser to stimulate wound healing, stimulate various circulation, etc.

  1. Divided according to the purpose of using lasers such as lasers for surgery or stop bleeding (Cutting Laser), laser for beauty and rejuvenation (Aesthetic and Rejuvenation Laser), laser for treatment (Laser Therapy), such as laser to relieve pain and swelling, laser to help stimulate wound healing, etc.

The application of lasers to surgical work, if compared to building a house to have a beautiful proportion. It is like having cosmetic surgery on the face and neck. which we need to perform cosmetic surgery to pull Excess skin to tighten it. It is a pull at the level from the sub-connective tissue layer (SMAS or Platysma Band) at the level from the neck up to the upper face.

As for the skin on the outside, like the roof of a house and walls that do not This minor task can be solved surgically. laser application So it’s like using a paintbrush to paint. to carefully collect and decorate the house. It’s beautiful and elegant.

The use of lasers in conjunction with plastic surgery has 3 main objectives: 1. To stimulate the skin to become more firm (Stin Rejuvenation)

with two objectives: solving chronic problems that cause skin deterioration Quality which is affected by sunlight and pollution such as darker pigmentation, freckles, capillaries or wrinkles and other purposes. is to encourage long-term firming skin Together with the facelift and neck lift surgery, the effect of the laser light will help to stimulate the skin cells. (Fibroblasts) and helps promote Creating stronger skin fibers (Collagen and Elastin)

Laser treatment for the hope of firming the skin (Skin Rejuvenation) in conjunction with surgery is recommended to be performed approximately 1 month after surgery.

  1. To reduce scarring Unpleasant (Scar Reduction) application of the laser. It is a group of lasers that target the hemoglobin pigment such as the Pulse dye laser group, which will make the scar less red, soften, and reduce the embossing. There are recommendations for using laser to reduce scars as follows:

It is recommended to use in cases where there is a history of There is a risk of scar formation, including alinaimagine having a hereditary history. It’s easy to be keloids. oily and tanned or dark skin (Fitzpatrick’s skin types III) and above, and if available, such as having laser equipment and being able to pay for treatment.

It is not recommended to use laser scar treatment and scar prevention in all cases if there is no history of risk of hypertrophic scars.

Lasers are useful 1 to 6 months after surgery, so they are recommended to be used in conjunction with other scar treatment methods, including closure with silicone pads.

Cone (Silicone Sheet) or use topical cream in conjunction with frequent massage and should be used. Apply sunscreen protection as well.

  1. To help firm the skin (Skin Tightening) Sometimes pulling the face lift or neck to make it firmer. can immediately fix the sagging problem clearly Especially the excess skin and parts of sagging connective tissue under the skin But in case of skin quality is very elastic (Poor Skin Quality and Low Elasticity) when the swelling From the surgery, all the laxity in some areas of the face and neck has disappeared. may still be seen Therefore, the application of laser to increase firmness and skin tightening Therefore, it can help stimulate the production of collagen under the skin, which will increase the quality of the skin even more. It is recommended to do it at least 1 month after surgery, at least every 1 month.