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Tips for hiring a professional house painting service

Most property owners in Richardson prefer having their homes painted by professionals every three to five years. Despite the average cost being around 7,000 USD, they find it a cheaper and better option than replacing the deck, ceiling, or other house parts.

If you have a property in Richardson, it’s a good idea to have it painted if you haven’t for some years now. You might have noticed the paint peeling on the walls, mold forming in the ceiling and other areas, and water damage showing itself in many places.

Getting your house painted by Richardson house painting experts will prevent further damage from occurring, protect your home’s structural integrity, and even increase its overall value. But what are some things you must remember before hiring a professional painting service? Below are some tips you will find helpful.

Duration of the project

Before hiring a professional service, you should ask about the project’s time. The length of time required for each phase varies depending on weather conditions and whether or not you have other projects at the same time as your new paint job. Before hiring a company in Richardson, check their time to answer your call, give you a quote, and schedule your project.

Drop cloths and furniture coverings

Drop cloths and furniture coverings are essential. These items protect the floor from paint, as well as protect your furniture from paint. Ask the company if they will include drop cloths and furniture coverings as part of their package deal.

Drop clothes cost about 18 USD in Richardson, Texas, and since you will require many of them, the cost you incur will be high. Choosing a company that includes them in their package is a better idea.

Types of services they provide

Choose a company that covers your home’s interior and exterior parts, like the ones mentioned below.

Wallpaper removal

Wallpaper removal is a process of pulling out the wallpaper from walls. However, it is a delicate job and is best handled by professionals. Before removing it, they will consider its type, how it was installed, and the safest way to peel it. Removing wallpaper costs 75 USD to 200 USD per 100 square feet in Richardson. However, since the price varies from company to company, you should ask them this beforehand.

Cabinet painting

Cabinet painting is a great way to add color, texture, and dimension to your kitchen, giving it a fresh and bright look. Before starting the painting process, the experts will inspect the current cabinet material and design, remove the doors and hardware, including latches, knobs, and pulls, and clean dirt and grime surfaces. Finally, they will apply primer and sealer and complete it with two coats of premium paint.

Fence painting

Fence painting is a great way to add color, style, and protection to your home. Although you can choose any color you like, most homeowners in Richardson prefer using white for their fences because it’s symbolic of the American dream and has a classy and timeless look. You should hire specialists for the job because they handle every aspect of the process efficiently, including cleaning and prep work, removing oil, grease, dirt, etc., priming, painting, and sealing.

Deck staining

Deck staining is a paint used to protect wood surfaces from the elements. It’s often used on decks, porches, and patios where the sun can cause damage and fade over time.

Moreover, staining your deck has many benefits, including enhanced aesthetic appeal, preventing weather damage, increasing lifespan, improving potential safety hazards, and preparing it for frequent use. To ensure your deck looks its best for years to come, consider hiring a professional company with expertise in deck staining services. Deck staining in Richardson costs between 500 USD to 1,000 USD, but the specific cost will vary depending on the color, preparation work, etc.

You can use these tips while hiring a professional Richardson house painting company to paint your home’s interiors and exteriors. They will ensure you are satisfied with the results and love your home’s new look and appearance.