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Top Pop-By Gift Ideas For Real Estate

In the real estate industry, you must manage your clients and market yourself as a successful realtor. The real estate business is about getting new buyers and retaining old clients by using strategic ideas to attract them to your offerings. And to do this, you can also try gifting ideas for your clients, which will keep them informed about your offerings.

Pop-by gifts are in trend, and your clients will love the surprise mail either arriving on their doorstep or when giving a visit. Imagine receiving one yourself. You pick it up and it’s a gift card, a best restaurants gift card. Imagine the joy you would feel, and know how happy your customers would feel as well.Here are some great pop-by gift ideas for real estate that will help your business get prospective customers and stand out from everyone else in the industry.

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Gifts Ideas For New Clients

You can give your new clients something sentimental and valuable that reminds them of their great purchase. Some ideas for pop-by gifts for your new clients include:

  • A framed picture of the house they just bought. You can find many options online that allow you to upload your photo and create an instant customized print (basically the same as ordering a canvas). They’ll love having this reminder of their new place hanging on the wall.
  • A housewarming basket filled with fun things they can use at home—wine glasses, wine opener, dish towels with fun patterns (or monograms), etc.
  • A set of cooking utensils is always a great gift. If the couple has moved into an apartment where they’ll be preparing meals on their own, this could be just what they need!
  • Snacks are always nice when visitors stop by unannounced (and who doesn’t like having visitors?). Having some treats can also help your guests feel more welcome in the new home (or even yourself).

Pop-by Gifts During The Holidays

The holidays are an excellent time for pop-by gift ideas for real estate clients. These gifts will show clients that you appreciate them and their business. Here are some gifts ideas for your real estate clients that will make each holiday special:

  • A personalized mug
  • A scented candle in their favorite scent (such as honeysuckle or pumpkin pie)
  • An ornament with the year mentioned so they can keep track of how many years they’ve been with your company!
  • A cute pair of socks with dreidels or menorahs on them! Everyone needs new socks every once in a while!
  • A personalized keychain, maybe the recipient’s name with an initial. This way, they’ll constantly be reminded about who gave them this gift!
  • A book (e-reader) loaded up with favorite titles from your area.
  • An insulated travel mug filled with coffee or tea from one of their favorite local coffee shops, as well as some accompanying treats like cookies baked by friends who love them (bonus points if these items are customized!).


As a realtor, you need to keep your past clients connected, which is also a way to market yourself because old clients can bring new customers and will also consider you in future purchases. If you want your clients to remember you, give them a unique gift they can treasure.