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What can I do after a car accident? 

Once in your lifetime, you might get involved in a car accident. So it is better if you prepare yourself for the worst and get an idea of the things that you must do if landed up in such a situation. A Houston car accident lawyer has advised the following steps that you need to take after a car accident.


Do not run away from the accident scene. Stop and see what is the scenario. The accident might not be your fault but running away will imply that you were guilty of the accident.

Call the Police 

Call the police and report the accident. The police report will help you get the insurance claims. You might not consider calling the police if the accident is not much severe. It would be a wrong decision. Severe or not, call the police.

Protect the Accident Scene 

Take precautions to save the accident scene from being tampered with. Turn on the headlights of your car if the area is dark. Further, if you have flashlights or mobile phones, show them to the other passing vehicles so that further accidents do not happen. 

Tell the Police Everything 

While you are recording the police record, make sure that you do not miss out on anything. Tell them exactly what has happened. Do not make speculations, guess, or lie to the police.

Take Pictures and Video 

Pictures are very important pieces of evidence when it comes to claiming compensation. Take pictures of the accident scene, the property damaged, and your injuries. 

Exchange Information 

Take the contact details of the witness who were present at the time of the accident. Also, note down the car number of the other car involved and the contact details of the other driver. Witness testimony is another important key to getting compensation. 

Seek Medical Help

Call for an ambulance if you are severely hurt. If not, still you should go to the doctor. Not getting treated will imply that the accident was not serious and that will impact your compensation. Furthermore, the medical bills and all the medical charges will be compensated when you file a lawsuit.

Keep a File

Make a file where you keep all the important documents like medical bills, police reports, photographs, etc. A file like this will serve handy when your car accident lawyer is strategizing a lawsuit for you. 


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